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Zaandam is a town in the western Netherlands, located on the Zaan River, close to Amsterdam.

It was established in approximately the 15th Century. 

Today, it is known for its windmills, architecture, beautiful canals, cathedral, and industry in various sectors.

People Born in Zaandam

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Zaandam in People's Lives

Claude Monet: I honeymooned here in 1870.

Peter the GreatMaking plans to conquer the powerful Ottoman Empire, I traveled to the Netherlands incognito in 1697 to seek allies. While in disguise, I studied shipbuilding and worked on the dockyards here, experience that I later used to modernize my dreamt-of Russian navy. I lived with a blacksmith and craftsman in his humble little home, which I came to love for its straightforwardness and simplicity. I visited this blacksmith in his home a number of times afterward, the last time in 1717. It is still preserved today as a museum, called the Tzar Peter House.

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