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Yorktown, Virginia, USA

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Beach in Yorktown
Yorktown is a small town in eastern Virginia. Though it has a tiny population of only 195, Yorktown draws throngs of tourists every year as a historic town, famous as the site of the British surrender during the Revolutionary War.

People Born in Yorktown

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Yorktown in People's Lives

Charles Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie: I participated in the Siege of Yorktown here in 1781, and was present to see the British forces surrender. Despite the celebratory air, I disliked this town and later described it as "a sickly place."

Charles Hector d'Estaing: I participated in the Siege of Yorktown here in 1781.

John Graves Simcoe: I was at the Siege of Yorktown, where my British forces surrendered the Revolutionary War, in 1781.

Robert Morris (financier): I participated in the Siege of Yorktown here in 1781, from the sidelines. I contributed millions from my own personal money on credit to the government to aid them to this town. While here, I noted that the war had become less about bullets, and more about finance.

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