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York Minster
York is a city in Yorkshire in northern England.

It was founded in 71 AD as a military fortress by the Roman Ninth Legion, and was for a time the Roman capitol of the region of Brittania Inferior and Northumbria.

York is now known as a regal centerpiece of Gothic architecture and beauty, known for its history, churches, and education.

People Born in York

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York in People's Lives

Vivienne Westwood: I opened a store here, on Blake Street, in 2008.

William the Conqueror: I viewed this city as a key to maintaining grasp on the northern region of my newly conquered land of England, and built York Castle here in 1068 (of which now, only Clifford's Tower remains). I returned when it was attacked by rebels in 1069, and dramatically wore my crown as I walked through the rubble of this re-taken city.

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