IMGP0227 - Winchester Cathedral - Kirche - 20050322-retouch
Winchester is a town in Hampshire in southern England. It was originally the capitol settlement of a Gaulish tribe, established around 100 BC and was later taken over by the Romans. It was formerly the capitol city of England.

Today, Winchester is mainly known for its historic appeal, particularly for the Winchester Cathedral.

People Born in Winchester

Cressida Bonas

Winchester in People's Lives

Ralph FiennesI traveled here in 1997 to film scenes of the movie The Avengers​.

Tom Sturridge: I attended high school here at Winchester College, from about 1991 - 1993. I left before I could complete my A-Levels in order to pursue an acting career.

William the Conqueror: I lived here for a time in 1067, and spent that Easter in Winchester Cathedral services.

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