Beautiful Plaza Zorilla
Valladolid is the capital city of the community of Castile y Leon in central-northern Spain. It is the largest city in northwestern Spain, and the 13th-largest municipality. The city itself is the 20th largest in Spain. 

Around 200 BC, the land was inhabited by Celtic tribes, and later fell to Roman rule. The small settlement here grew in 1072, when it was re-established as a prominent medieval city.

Today, Valladolid is known for its beauty, architecture, history, cathedral, university, palaces, parks, and events.

People Born in Valladolid

Philip II of Spain

Valladolid in People's Lives

Isabella I of Castile: After much secret planning, I married Ferdinand II of Aragon here in October of 1469, in the Palacio de los Vivero. In order to reach this city and carry out the wedding, all hidden from my older brother-in-law, King Henry IV of Castile, I had had to make an excuse to leave Segovia, and Ferdinand had traveled across Castile disguised as a servant. 

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