Thomas Foster Memorial
Uxbridge is a town in the province of Ontario in southeastern Canada, outside of Toronto. It was named for the Uxbridge area of northern London.

It was founded in 1806 by Quaker settlers from Pennsylvania. Today, Uxbridge is mainly a suburban area, also noted for its beautiful surrounding countryside and privately owned farms.

People Born in Uxbridge

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Uxbridge in People's Lives

Hayden Panettiere: I traveled here in 1998 to film scenes of the TV movie If You Believe. I was 9 years old at the time.

Jared Leto: I traveled here in 1997 to film scenes of the movie Urban Legend

Sarah Gadon: I traveled here in 2004 to film scenes of the movie Code Breakers.

Viggo Mortensen: I traveled here in 2004 to film scenes of the movie A History of Violence.

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