Tybee Island is an island-city at the easternmost point of Georgia, close to Savannah

The land was first settled by Europeans in 1520, and was named "Los Bajos." It was, at the time, a popular spot for pirates. 

In an air force training exercise in 1958, an atomic bomb was accidentally dropped on Tybee Island, but it did not detonate. The bomb was also lost after being dropped, and was never found, which still raises concern today.

Tybee Island is now known as a relaxing and beautifully scenic vacation getaway and small beach-town, known for its beautiful sunrises, piers, oceanfront views, beaches, quaint downtown area, proximity to Savannah, resorts and bed-and-breakfasts, lighthouse, and annual local parade.

People Born on Tybee Island


Tybee Island in People's Lives

Liam HemsworthI filmed scenes of the movie The Last Song here in 2009.

Miley Cyrus: I filmed scenes of the movie The Last Song here in 2009.

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