Terni is a large town in the region of Umbria in central Italy, located on the Nera River 65 miles northeast of Rome.

It was founded in the 7th Century BC, and was captured by the Romans in the 3rd Century BC. Its Roman named was "Interamna," and with the construction of aqueducts, amphitheaters, temples, walls, bridges and villas, the city flourished.

Today, it is known for its site at the top of a hill, its ancient history, villas, wine, architecture, and relaxed way of life.

People Born in Terni

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Terni in People's Lives

Massimo Brambati: I played for this town's soccer team from 1997 - 1998. During the year that I was on this team, I did not play well, and scored only 4 goals in my entire span of time playing for them.

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