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Sovetsk, formerly known as Tilsit, is a town in the subject of Kaliningrad in far-western Russia, located on the Neman River.

It was founded as a castle built by the Teutonic Knights in 1288, and officially became a town in 1552.

Today, it is known for its style of buildings - which are a blend of Russian and German architecture, and for its history.

People Born in Sovetsk

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Sovetsk in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: After winning the bloody Battle of Friedland here in 1807, the Russians decided to make a treaty with me. I met the commander of the Russian Empire, Tsar Alexander I of Russia in this town, and stayed here for a few days with him. When we first met, he opened with the line "I hate the English as much as you do." I quipped back, "Then we have already made peace." For the next few days, we got along remarkably well, dining together and making small talk and non-political conversation, and reviewing each other's armies, even handing out medals.

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