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Sommieres is a small town in the department of Gard in southern France, located 17 miles from Montpellier on the River Vidourle.

A Roman settlement existed here in the 1st Century AD, and most notably a large bridge was built in order for the Roman roads to cross the river. The town was later established as a castle and grounds around the 11th Century, and was annexed into the French kingdom in 1248, after which it became known as a Protestant stronghold. 

Today, Sommieres is known for its history, riverfront, downtown area, medieval city center, and Roman ruins.

People Born in Sommieres


Sommieres in People's Lives

Lawrence Durrell: I moved here around 1967, after the tragic death of my third wife. I was 55 years and a world renowned literary author. I busied myself here writing and publishing books, and settled into a house here. I struggled with emphysema in my later years. I married my fourth and last wife, a French woman named Ghislaine, in 1973, but we divorced in 1979. I died of a stroke in my home here in November of 1990, at the age of 78.

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