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Sinuiju is a city in North Korea, located directly across the Yalu Amnok River from Dandong City, China. It has a friendly and communicative relationship with its neighboring Chinese city, in contrast to many other parts of North Korea. 

People Born in Sinuiju

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Sinuiju in People's Lives

Jack London: I was given permission to travel with the Japanese Imperial Army as a journalist, to observe the Battle of the Yalu outside this city, in 1904. However, my movements were heavily restricted, and my every step seemed to monitored and controlled. Frustrated, I wrote to the owner of the San Francisco Examiner, William Randolph Hearst, and requested that I be transferred to report on the side of the Imperial Russian Army, where I felt that I would be allowed more freedom. However, before anything could be decided, I got into a fight with some of my Japanese assistants, who I caught stealing my horse's food. I was charged with assault and arrested for the third time in four months. Theodore Roosevelt himself intervened to have me released, and I returned to the United States.

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