Sergiyev Posad is a city in western Russia, 45 miles from Moscow

It was founded as a monastery, the Trinity Lavra Monastery, in the 15th Century by Sergius of Radonezh. The Trinity Lavra remains one of the largest monasteries in Russia.

Today, it is still known primarily for its enormous monastery, as well as for a cathedral, and its architecture.

People Born in Sergiyev Posad

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Sergiyev Posad in People's Lives

Peter the Great: While plotting to overthrow my half sister Sophia in 1689, she learned of my plans and conspired with Russian noblemen to have me killed. However, they had sided with me, and warned me. I fled Moscow to the fortress-like Trinity Lavra Monastery here, where I continued to gather supporters. I left the monastery around 1690, on the path to brining about Sophia's downfall.

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