Caught in waves
Scorpio: "The Scorpion"

October 23rd - November 21st

Type - Water

Positive attributes: Passionate, Dynamic, Loyal, Observant, Resourceful

Negative attributes - Jealous, Obsessive, Manipulative, Suspicios, Unyielding

Scorpio is, at once, a noticeably forceful and intense personality, with much vigor and energy. Scorpios have a relentless drive and will throw their energy almost violently into whatever they do. With turbulent emotions, Scorpios can be very agressive, and are known for feeling extreme jealousy and obsession, especially in their love lives. They generally have a voracious sensual energy. Their intensity can lead them to self destruction if not used in progressive ways. They are not very open with people, and often feel misunderstood, as others do not seem to have the same energy that they do. They are fiercely independent, needing and leaning on no one. Best in a leadership position, Scorpios do not bend well to authority, and often feel that they are supremely above others. Wise with money, they are not ones to go on foolish spending sprees, but rather prefer to save or even hide their wealth. They are extremely ambitious, power hungry, and competitive, and can become very greedy. Many faceted and masters of manipulation, they are often up to more than meets the eye, and have many underlaying ulterior motives. They have a deep and secret fear of failure. 

Scorpio People

October 23 - Ireland Baldwin

October 23 - Laurie Halse Anderson

October 24 - Dervla Kirwan

October 24 - Julien Blanc

October 24 - Shenae Grimes

October 25 - Bambi Northwood-Blyth

October 25 - Elisabeth Farnese

October 26 - Antonina Vasylchenko

October 26 - Hillary Clinton

October 27 - Dylan Thomas

October 27 - Scott Weiland

October 27 - Theodore Roosevelt

October 30 - Diego Maradona

October 30 - George II

October 30 - John Adams

November 1 - Aishwarya Rai

November 2 - Marie Antoinette

November 3 - Kendall Jenner

November 4 - Alexz Johnson

November 4 - Eden Phillpotts

November 5 - Alexa Chung

November 5 - Bryan Adams

November 5 - Elke Sommer

November 5 - Kevin Jonas

November 5 - Washington Allston

November 6 - Emma Stone

November 6 - Jean Shrimpton

November 7 - James Cook

November 8 - Jessica Lowndes

November 9 - Analeigh Tipton

November 9 - Caroline Flack

November 9 - Delta Goodrem

November 9 - Edward VII of the United Kingdom

November 10 - Martin Luther

November 11 - Leonardo DiCaprio

November 12 - Ryan Gosling

November 13 - Augustine of Hippo

November 14 - Claude Monet

November 16 - Amanda Murphy

November 17 - Nicolas Appert

November 18 - Chloe Sevigny

November 18 - Margaret Atwood

November 18 - Megyn Kelly

November 19 - Charles I of England

November 19 - Daria Werbowy

November 20 - Connie Talbot

November 20 - Vanessa Moody

November 21 - Jena Malone

November 21 - Voltaire

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