Santa Barbara is a city on the coastline of southern California, between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains.

The first European to set foot on the land was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, though he only anchored there briefly. Sebastian Vizcaino named the land "Santa Barbara" in 1602. An actual settlement there, however, did not originiate until 1782, when a Spanish mission was built.

Today, Santa Barbara is a popular beach, vacation, and tourist destionation, known for its luxurious hotels and resorts, beaches, sunsets, and Mediterranean climate.

People Born in Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara in People's Lives

Natalie Portman: I traveled here in 2010 to film scenes of the movie No Strings Attached

Solange Knowles: I own a beach house in this town, purchased in 2009, which I used for relaxing and getting myself in "a certain state of mind" for my music.

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