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San Juan is the capitol and most-populated city in Puerto Rico, an unincorporated American territory.

It was founded by Spanish settlers in 1521 and today is known for its tropical beaches, old-city charm, and tourism.

People Born in San Juan

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San Juan in People's Lives

Hunter S. Thompson: I moved here in 1960, after being fired from yet another newspaper in Middletown, New York. At the time, I was 23 years old and had not yet published any fiction. I got a job at the sports magazine El Sportivo, but it went out of business shortly after I got here. I applied for a job at The San Juan Star, but was rejected by the managing editor, William J. Kennedy. Despite being turned down for the job, Kennedy and I became friends. With his help, I worked as a freelance stringer for the New York Herald Tribune for a short time, before stirring up trouble here as well. First, I refused to pay for a meal at a restaurant, and then was involved in a confrontation with police, whom I compared to Nazis. I was unapologetic about my actions when in court before a judge, and was imprisoned, though I got out on bail. Rather than waiting to quite likely be jailed, I moved back to the United States in 1960.

Stephen Moyer: I traveled here in 2010 to film scenes of the movie The Caller.

William Levy: I traveled here in 2005 to act in my first major play.

Zoe Saldana: I traveled here in 2009 to film scenes of The Losers.

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