Sagittarius: "The Archer"

November 22nd - December 21st

Type - Fire

Positive attributes - Independent, Practical, Vibrant, Free, Clever

Negative attributes - Cold, Detached, Uncommitted, Reckless

Sagittarius have a positive and very practical, down to earth way of looking at things. They are optimistic, and seem to attract much good luck. They are extremely deft and quick witted, and often able to get themselves out of any situation by simply assessing every possible outcome and option, and keeping a positive view. Their frankness may seem shocking, or refreshing, to others. They have a constant thirst for new challenges and experiences, but may forget to be mindful of what they already have, or miss out on the fine details. They are vibrant and free, and like a bird, cannot be caged in. They do not like to talk about or dwell on their feelings, and often seem emotionally cold or indifferent. They are a true adventurer, and though sensual and caring to those that they love, they can never feel caged in. Freedom is what they cannot live without.

Sagittarius People

November 22 - Abigail Adams

November 22 - Oscar Pistorius

November 22 - Sei Ashina

November 22 - Song Hye Kyo

November 23 - Miley Cyrus

November 24 - Charles Hector d'Estaing

November 24 - Hanna Merjos

November 27 - Alison Pill

November 27 - Bruce Lee

November 27 - John Scott-Ellis

November 29 - C.S. Lewis

November 29 - Louisa May Alcott

November 30 - Magnus Carlsen

November 30 - Mark Twain

November 30 - Winston Churchill

December 1 - Alexandra of Denmark

December 1 - Zoe Kravitz

December 2 - Penelope Tree

December 3 - Joseph Conrad

December 3 - Octavia Hill

December 4 - Skye Stracke

December 5 - Walt Disney

December 7 - Nicholas Hoult

December 9 - Charlene Hogger

December 9 - Imogen Heap

December 9 - Thairine Garcia

December 11 - Hailee Steinfeld

December 12 - Gustave Flaubert

December 12 - Luma Grothe

December 13 - Mary Todd Lincoln

December 13 - Taylor Swift

December 14 - Jane Birkin

December 16 - Catherine of Aragon

December 16 - Jane Austen

December 16 - Ludwig van Beethoven

December 16 - Zara Larsson

December 18 - Joseph Stalin

December 19 - Jake Gyllenhaal

December 21 - Tom Sturridge

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