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Rochefort is a town in the department of Charente-Maritime in western France.

It was founded by Jean-Baptiste Colbert in 1665 as a military supply and defence camp for the French Navy, and remained a navy port and dockyard until 1926.

Today, it is known for its harbor, charming downtown area, history, architecture, flowers, and ivy-clad buildings.

People Born in Rochefort

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Rochefort in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: After hearing that Paris had been invaded by the Prussian army, who had been ordered to capture me dead or alive, I fled to this harbor city, seeking passage to the United States in 1815. However, all of the French ports had been closed. Rather than be captured by the Prussians, I surrendered myself to Frederick Lewis Maitland and took asylum of his ship, after which I was imprisoned and banished.

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