Robert E. Lee was the commander of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. After the war ended, Lee was president of Washington and Lee University, and supported the Reconstruction.

Full Name Robert Edward Lee
Who battle commander
Birth Date January 19, 1807
Death Date October 12, 1870
Country United States
Born Stratford, Virginia, USA
Died Lexington, Virginia, USA
Cause of Death stroke, ill health followed by pneumonia
Education United States Military Academy
Father Henry Lee III
Mother Anne Hill Carter Lee
Spouse Mary Anna Curtis Lee

Philip Lee

Lucy Lee Grymes

Henry Lee IV

Charles Carter Lee

Anne Lee Kinloch

Sydney Smith Lee

Mildred Lee


George Washington Curtis Lee

Mary Curtis Lee

William Henry Fitzhugh Lee

Anne Carter Lee

Eleanor Agnes Lee

Robert E. Lee Jr.

Mildred Childe Lee

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