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Potsdam is the capital city of the state of Bradenburg in northeastern Germany, also directly across the state border from Berlin. It is the location of the luscious parks and magnificent palaces of Sanssouci, the largest World Heritage Site in Germany.

Occupied since the Bronze Age, the first permanent settlement here was around the 7th Century AD. It was occupied by Prussian royalty until 1918.

Today, it is primarily known for Sanssouci and its palaces, statues, eclectic city design, architecture, beauty, tourism, wealth, arts, and proximity to the capital.

People Born in Potsdam

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Potsdam in People's Lives

James McAvoy: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie The Last Station

Jared Leto: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie Mr. Nobody.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2000 to film scenes of the movie Enemy at the Gates. We filmed at the Kavallerieschule Kaserne Krampnitz.

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1991 to film scenes of the movie Shining Through. We filmed in the Babelsburg area.

Michael Fassbender: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie Inglourious Basterds

Natalie Portman: I traveled here in 2004 to film scenes of the movie V for Vendetta

Orlando BloomI traveled here in 2010 to film scenes of the movie The Three Musketeers

Ralph Fiennes: I traveled here in 2007 to film scenes of the movie The Reader, and again in 2013 for The Grand Budapest Hotel

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