Farm aerial in Perkasie
Perkasie is a small town in eastern Pennsylvania, 35 miles north of Philadelphia. The name of the town comes from the Lenape word "poekskossing," which means "where the hickory nuts were cracked."

The town's origins began in 1708, when a 11,462 acre estate manor was built here. 

Today, it is known for its farmland, vibrant autumns, and large, expensive houses, many of which are built in Victorian architecture.

People Born in Perkasie

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Perkasie in People's Lives

Pearl S. Buck: After marrying my second husband, Richard Walsh, in 1935, we moved here, to a historic farmhouse. We had a happy life, and my husband supported and encouraged my writing and philanthropy work. I lived here until my death in 1973, and was buried here.

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