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This is a list of individuals who were murdered by another person. People who were executed or who were killed in battle are not to be included.

Abraham Lincoln - shot to death by John Wilkes Boothe

Aurelian - murdered by his own army after inflicting harsh punishments

James Cook - clubbed on the head and then stabbed to death by Hawaiian natives

John Ridge - kicked / jumped on / stabbed to death, as wife and children were forced to watch

Joseph Smith - attacked by a mob while locked in a prison cell, shot to death while attempting to escape

Julius Caesar - stabbed to death

Mahatma Gandhi - shot to death

Mamah Borthwick - in a purposely set fire and axed to death

Martin Luther King Jr. - shot in head

Michael Collins - shot to death

Mirjana Puhar - shot to death in triple homicide

Reeva Steenkamp - shot to death by boyfriend on Valentine's Day

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