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Oxford is a small waterfront community town in Maryland, with just over 650 residents.

One of the oldest towns in Maryland, Oxford was first settled in 1666 as a plantation, and officially founded as a town in 1683.

Today, it is known for its waterfront living, resort, relaxation, sailing and boating, and history.

People Born in Oxford


Oxford in People's Lives

Robert Morris (financier): In 1747, at the age of 13, I left my home in Liverpool to emigrate to the Americas and join my father, who a tobacco manufacturing business here. In addition to helping my father at times with his work and observing the ways of business, I was provided with a tutor, who found me to be an intelligent and quick-learning student. Around 1750, when I was about 16, my father sent me to Philadelphia to study with a family friend and pursue an apprenticeship.

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