Noyon is a town in northern France, located on the Oise Canal.

It was founded by the Romans as "Noviomagus."

People Born in Noyon

John Calvin

Noyon in People's Lives

John Calvin: I was born here in 1509, my parents first child and eldest son. My father worked as a cathedral notary and a registrar to the ecclesiastical court, with moderate financial success. My mother, an innkeeper's daughter, died when I was a child. From a young age, my father impressed upon me that I was meant to take up a profession in the priesthood, and I grew up as a pious and intelligent child. At the age of 12, in 1521, I secured a position as clerk to a bishop, and pledged myself to the church. Also around this time, I won the patronage of a powerful French family. My father could not have been more proud. Around 1522, at the age of 13, I moved to Paris to study at an academy there, again with the help of my wealthy benefactors. 

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