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Norwich is a city on the River Wensum in Norfolk, England. It was the Roman regional capitol until about 450 A.D. In the 11th century, Norwich was England's largest city after London

People Born in Norwich

Elizabeth Fry

Norwich in People's Lives

Ian McEwan: I moved here in 1970, to attend the University of East Anglia for a master's degree. Here, already interested in and pursuing a career as a I writer, I shifted from journalism and scripts to fiction writing. I met a group of young English writers that encouraged and inspired me, including Norman Mailer, John Updike, Henry Mellow, and Saul Bellow. I also met a fellow student, the headstrong and idealistic Penny, whom I fell in love with. Penny was liberated and a complete "free spirit." Upon graduating with my master's degree from East Anglia in 1974, I left the country to spend a year in Afghanistan. 

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