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Nazareth is a large town in northen Israel. Traditionally, this city is ascribed in the Hebrew Bible as the birthplace of home of Jesus Christ, and is thus a popular site of Christian pilgrimages and religious significance. However, the population of Nazareth is predominantly Muslim, and the city is sometimes nicknamed "the Arab capital of Israel."

There has been settlement here since about 7000 BC, and it is mentioned often in the New Testament of the Hebrew Bible.

Today, Nazareth is primarily known for its religious significance, as well as for its architecture, hillsides, mountain trails, pilgrimages, mix of Muslim and Jewish culture, archaeology, and history.

People Born in Nazareth

Jesus Christ

Nazareth in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: While marching to take the fortress of Acre in 1799, my armies and I invaded and conquered this city, gathering supplies here before moving on shortly afterward.

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