Narbonne is a town in the department of Aude in southern France.

It was established in 118 BC as "Narbo," then located in Roman Gaul and on a major road connecting Rome  to Spain. Its geographic location was strategically favorable, and it became a major Roman colony city.

Today, Narbonne is known for its canals, proximity to the Mediterranean, port, history, and cathedral.

People Born in Narbonne

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Narbonne in People's Lives

Marc Antony: After a period of a few years of cool hostility between Julius Caesar and I, we met up here in 45 BC, and I warned Caesar that I had been approached by one of his generals to take part in an assassination plot against him. Caesar was grateful that I had remained loyal to him, even through our time of estrangement, and our relationship became solid and close once more. He decided to elect me as Consul.

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