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Muscat is the capitol and largest city of Oman. It was established as a fishing village around the 6th Century B.C., and came into prominence as a port in the 1st Century AD. At varying times in history, it has been ruled by the Persian and Portugese empires.

Muscat is known today for its vibrant sophistication, luxurious hotels, and beautiful ocean and mountain views.

People Born in Muscat

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People Born in Muscat

Charles Hector d'Estaing: I commandeered a British ship in the harbor here in 1759. It was a brazen move, as Muscat's harbor was well armed. While boarding the ship and in the process of towing her away, we were besieged by a number of smaller boats. Our venture was successful and gained me much admiration. After being forced to lay about in a hospital for six months, away from battle, this was the type of exhileration and adventure that I had been longing to return to.


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