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Enormous Redwood stump
Monte Rio is a small town in Sonoma County in central western California. It is located on the Russian River close to the shoreline and the Pacific Ocean. 

It began in the 1870's as a ferry stop.

Today, Monte Rio is known for its redwood forests, natural scenery, biking and hiking trails, and as the location of the Bohemian Grove, a private and exclusive club for some of the most powerful men in the world.

People Born in Monte Rio


Monte Rio in People's Lives

Jack London: I accompanied my friend George Sterling to an event called "Summer High Jinks" at the Bohemian Grove here in 1904, and was elected as an honorary member into the exclusive club. I was often here over the next decade, and was an active member in the club. I wrote a play for the club in 1914, but it was not chosen, as it was judged to be too difficult to set to music.

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