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Lviv is a city in western Ukraine. It was founded in the 1200's and named in honor of Leo I of Galicia.

Today, Lviv is known for combing Galican, German, Polish and Ukranian history, and for its architectural charm.

People Born in Lviv

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Lviv in People's Lives

Joseph Conrad: When I was 10 years old, my father and I moved here, in 1867. My father was drawn to this city, which was at the time a part of Austrian-Poland, for its free and independent political status. We moved to Krakow in 1869. I moved back to this city in 1873, at the age of 15. Much in my life had changed since the last time that I was here - my father had died, leaving me an orphan, and I had been taken in by my uncle, and also become fascinated with sailing. My uncle sent me here to attend a boy's boarding school, where conversation and lessons were in French. I disliked the school's dull routine, and still suffered from severe headaches. I took comfort in telling grand stories to my classmates and the owner's daughter. My uncle took me back to Krakow after I had been here for a little over a year, in September of 1874. 

Ziyi Zhang: I traveled here in 2003 to film scenes of House of Flying Daggers.

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