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Louis XVI
Louis XVI was King of France from 1774 until 1791, when he was overthrown as a result of the French Revolution, and guillotined two years later. 

In the early years of Louis XVI's reign, he was a progressive ruler who encouraged religious tolerance, sought to end serfdom, and attempted to do away with the custom of only taxing peasants and bypassing nobles. 

Full Name Louis-Auguste Capet
Who King of France
Birth Date August 23, 1754
Death Date January 21, 1793
Country France
Born Versailles, France
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death execution - guillotined
Education royal tutors
Father Louis XV of France
Mother Maria Josepha of Saxony
Spouse Marie Antoinette

Louis XVIII of France

Charles X of France

Marie Clotilde de France

Elisabeth of France


Marie Therese of France

Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France

Louis XVII of France

How Added - He was #83 on the "100 Most Significant Figures in History" list by Time magazine.

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