Lety Sahagun is a Mexican TV presenter and host, and occasional actress.

Full Name Leticia Sahagun Acevedo
Who TV presenter
Birth Date September 24, 1990
Born Guadalajara, Mexico
Country Mexico
Education Monterrey Institute of Technology
Father Jaime Sahagun
Mother Leticia Acevedo de Sahagun
Spouse n/a

Renata Sahagun Acevedo

Rodrigo Sahagun Acevedo

Jaime Sahagun Acevedo


Sahagun has been dating Javier Hernandez since 2008, though he has been seen with other girls in 2014, causing speculation about their possible breakup.

Some of my closest friends and co-workers are Renato Lopez and Patricia Zavala, who also host with me on E! Latin News.


Guadalajara, Mexico - Born here, 1990.

Zapopan, Mexico - Attended high school here, 2005 - 2008.

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