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Stonecroft Country Inn
Ledyard is a town in southeastern Connecticut, on the Thames River. It was founded in 1836 and named after a Revolutionary War soldier who was executed with his own sword after surrendering to the British.

Today, Ledyard is known for its New England small-town charm, its cozy bed & breakfast establishments, and for its casino operated by the Mashantucket Native American Indian tribe.

People Born in Ledyard

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Ledyard in People's Lives

Walt Disney: After jumping through quite a few hoops to be involved in the war effort, despite being underage at only 16, I was stationed here as an ambulence driver in training, in 1918. This was my first station, in the South Beach area outside this town. I was eager to learn and couldn't wait to go over to France, where the "adventure" was. I met Ray Kroc here, who was a year younger than I was. He thought me a bit strange, because whenever the boys would go into town for girls, I preferred to stay at camp drawing.

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