Kinshasa is the capital and largest city in the Republic of Congo in western Africa, located on the Congo River. 

It was founded by Henry Morton Stanley as a trading post in 1881, and was originally named "Leopoldville" after King Leopold II of Belgium.

Today, Kinshasa is known for its large size, crowded atmosphere, slums, and riverfront.

People Born in Kinshasa

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Kinshasa in People's Lives

Hunter S. Thompson: I traveled here in 1974, as a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, to report on the famous match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. However, I missed the fight because I was drunk in the hotel room, and never submitted a story to the magazine. I was mortified, and my publisher was furious. After this, my writing suffered. My publishers even went so far as to say that after Africa, I was never able to write the same way again.

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