Church of the resurrection of Christ in Khany-Mansiysk
Khanty Mansiyk is a large town in central Russia, located on the Irtysh River.

It began as the village of "Samarovo" in the 16th Century, and grew larger and more prosperous after the discovery of oil in the town limits, in the 20th Century.

Today, Khanty Mansiyk is known for its rapid population growth, cathedral, ambitious modern architectural works, international investments, oil, and winter sporting events, particularly skiing.

People Born in Khanty Mansiyk

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Khanty Mansiyk in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in late 2005 to compete in the Chess World Cup. I placed 10th overall, making me the youngest player to be considered for official eligibility in the Chess World Championships, at age 15.

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