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Jackson Hole in autumn
Jackson Hole is a small town in Wyoming, close to the state border of Idaho. It was settled in the 1870's by fur trappers. Today, the town is known for its distinctly American-Western way of life, surrounding mountains and lakes, wildlife, and as a mountain retreat.

People Born in Jackson Hole

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Jackson Hole in People's Lives

Adriana Lima: After getting engaged in June of 2008, my fiancee Marko Jaric and I were married here on Valentine's Day in 2009. I was 27 and, up until that point, had been a virgin, being a devout Catholic. We named our first daughter Valentina, born that same year, in honor of the occasion. I filed for Serbian citizenship and prepared for a happy life with my husband. However, we seperated in 2014, and are currently in the middle of filing for a divorce.

Marko Jaric: I married my wife, the beautiful Adriana Lima here on Valentine's Day in 2009. I was 31 years old, and she was 27.

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