Old Centenary College
Jackson is a small town in Louisiana, a few miles outside of Baton Rouge

It was founded in 1815, mainly based around it being the location of the College of Louisiana (shut down in 1845) and the Centenary College of Louisiana. It was a place known for southern higher education, giving it the nickname "Athens of the South." It was named in honor of Andrew Jackson.

Today, Jackson is known for its college, southern homes, and history.

People Born in Jackson

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Jackson in People's Lives

Andrew Jackson: I camped here with my troops in 1815 on the way to returning north, after the conclusion of the Battle of New Orleans. The tiny village was so honored by my prescence, they named the town after me.

Jessica Lowndes: I traveled here in 2007 to film scenes of the movie Autopsy. We filmed at a mental hospital.

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