Wild Dunes Resort
Isle of Palms is a small island-town off the coastline of South Carolina, with a population of approximately 4,150 inhabitants. It is sometimes considered an affluent offshore subdivision of Charleston

The island was originally populated by the Sewee Native Americans. In the late 18th Century, it began to be used by locals as a vacation spot. It was originally named "Hunting Island," until it was purchased in 1899. In 1906, its first hotel was built, and it grew in reputation as a boutique vacation resort.

Today, Isle of Palms is known for its wealthy community, expensive cost of living, luxurious resorts and beach mansions, sunsets, piers, beaches, and island beauty.

People Born on Isle of Palms


Isle of Palms in People's Lives

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 1987 to film scenes of the movie Satisfaction

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