Hollywood county wicklow
Hollywood is a small village in County Wicklow in eastern Ireland. It has a population of less than 700 inhabitants. 

It was settled around the 7th Century, and was known as "Cillin Chaoimhin." For centuries, it was a site leading to a nearby monastery and a pilgrimage resting point. In the 20th Century, the town was renamed "Hollywood" after the area in Los Angeles, as it had recently come to the attention of high profile film makers eager to use the pictaresque land in movies. The town constructed a tongue-in-cheek Hollywood Sign, a replica of the one in California, and put it on a hill above a sheep pasture.

Today, Hollywood is known for its lovely countryside beauty, small-town charm, medieval church, ties to Saint Kevin, and sheep farming.

People Born in Hollywood


Hollywood in People's Lives

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 1995, to film scenes of the movie Michael Collins

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