Sanders Ferry Park
Hendersonville is a town in northern Tennessee, 18 miles northeast of Nashville and considered part of that city's metropolitan area.

It was established in 1784 and is today known for its lake, luxurious mansions, and park.

People Born in Hendersonville

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Hendersonville in People's Lives

Taylor Swift: After making numerous, increasingly frequent trips to Nashville with my mother from our Pennsylvania home, my family moved here in April 2004. Not wishing to pressure me, they said that they were moving for me and because they loved the area. It was probably true: we lived on a large, beautiful lakehouse here. I attended a local high school here, where I entered in the school talent show and sang "Brave New World." A few months later, I began homeschooling instead and feverishly completed my last two years of high school in 12 months, in order to focus on my musical career.

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