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Harrogate is a spa town in Yorkshire, England. It was first settled in the 1330's, and mineral water was discovered there in 1571. For the rest of its history, Harrogate has ben a popular site of bathouses and spas, used both for healing and relaxtion.

People Born in Harrogate

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Harrogate in People's Lives

Agatha Christie: In 1926, my husband announced that he was leaving me for the weekend to stay with his mistress. Distraught, I drove my car to the edge of a lake, left my clothes, and famously disappeared. A nationwide, frantic search took place scouring the land for me, causing a media sensation. During the 10 Day Disappearance, I was hiding here, at the Old Swan Hotel. I had assumed the name of Mrs. Neele, which was also the surname of my husband's mistress.

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