Harlaxton is a small village in the county of Lincolnshire in central-eastern England. It is located the edge of the Vale of Belvoir, and has a population of 705 people. 

It was first mentioned in history in 1086 as "Harlavestune," though settlement is believed to have begun much earlier. Roman coins have been found within the town, but these may have been left on a road or by a passerby. The manor house was built here in the 14th Century.

Today, Harlaxton is primarily known as the location of the grand Harlaxton Manor House, and for the tourism it brings in.

People Born in Harlaxton


Harlaxton in People's Lives

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1998 to film scenes of the movie The Haunting. We filmed on location at Harlaxton Manor.

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