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Gerberoy is a tiny village in the department of Oise in northern France. It was founded sometime before the 11th Century, and today has a population of only 95 inhabitants.

Despite its miniscule size, Gerberoy is recognized as being among the most beautiful locations in France, a charming town that appears to have been taken out of a storybook.

People Born in Gerberoy


Gerberoy in People's Lives

William the Conqueror: After increasing tension with my eldest son, Robert Curthose, he rebelled against me, making his own claim on the Norman kingdom, and fortified himself against me at a castle in this town, in 1078. I laid siege on the town all through the winter, and in the early months of 1079, my son and I finally  met in battle. Robert unhorsed me and nearly killed me. Some say that I was saved just in time by my English soldiers, others say that Robert allowed himself to be overpowered. I decided to lift the siege, and went back to Rouen. Robert and I reconciled later in the year. I affirmed that he was, despite his treason, still heir to the throne of Normandy.


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