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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan was the founder and Great Emperor, or Khan, of the Mongol Empire, which after his death became the largest common-border empire in all of history. He is still regarded today to be one of the greatest rulers of all time.

Full Name Temujin Genghis, Khan of the Mongol Empire
Who Emperor of the Mongol Empire
Birth Date 1162 (probable)
Death Date August 18, 1227
Country Mongolia
Born Khentii, Mongolia
Died unknown
Cause of Death unknown
Education n/a
Father Yesugei
Mother Hoelun

Borte Ujin Khatun




















Chagatai Khan

Ogedei Khan


and others, unknown


Khan was the grandfather of Kublai Khan.

At the age of nine, Khan's father arranged a marriage for him to his wife, Bortë, a girl of a powerful family in a neighboring tribe. She was one year older than him. However, the marriage did not take place immediately - Khan was meant to live amongst Bortë's family until the age of 12. He did so, and the two became close childhood friends. Trouble in his own family's tribe made him return to his family and leave Bortë behind. He travelled to find her in 1178, at the approximate age of 16, and brought her and her mother back to live in his own tribe. They married. Shortly afterward, Bortë was kidnapped, and held captive for eight months. During this time, she gave birth to Jochi, whose parentage was unsure - he could have been the son of Khan, or the son of the tribal leader who had captured her. Khan, however, always treated and thought of Jochi as his own son. Bortë always remained Khan's senior wife and his beloved empress. 

Jochi was Khan's first son, although whether or not he was actually Khan's true son was disputed. At the time of his birth, his mother Bortë was being held captive, and he may have been the son of the tribe leader that had captured her. However, Khan always treated and thought of Jochi as his own son. Being his first son, Khan always meant to make Jochi his heir to the Mongol empire, but Jochi's siblings and the public created an uproar at this, leading Khan to name another son, Ögedi Khan, as his heir. 

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