Frederick Sanger
Frederick Sanger was an English biochemist. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice, one of only two people to have done so in the same category, and one of only four people to win two Nobels in general. 

Full Name Frederick Sanger
Who chemist
Birth Date August 13, 1918
Death Date November 19, 2013
Country England
Born Rendcomb, Gloucestershire, England, UK
Died Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK
Cause of Death old age
Education University of Cambridge
Father Frederick Sanger Sr.
Mother Cicely Crewdson Sanger
Spouse Margaret Joan Howe

Theodore Sanger

May Sanger


Robin Sanger

Peter Sanger

Sally Joan Sanger


Sanger was briefly taught by Frederick Gowland Hopkins in 1936.

Sanger attended a lecture given by Joseph Needham in 1936.

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