Framlingham Castle -Suffolk-8
Framlingham is a small town in the county of Sussex in eastern England, often nicknamed "Fram." 

It was first mentioned in history in 1086, and in the Middle Ages grew around Framlingham Castle. Today, the town is best known for its castle, which draws in a moderate tourist industry, its historic church, and as a charming country town.

People Born in Framlingham

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Framlingham in People's Lives

Mary I of England: After the death of my half-brother Edward VI of England in 1553, I was called to attend his funeral, but was warned that this was a trap. Though I had been barred from the line of succession by my late brother, who feared I would reinstate Catholicism, I had many supporters, and was determined to claim the English throne as my own. I fled to Framlingham Castle here, from which I gathered my supporters and wrote a letter to London, demanding that I be recognized as Queen.

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