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Darjeeling is a city in the state of West Bengal in northeastern India. It is located in the Mahabharat Mountains, a range in the Lesser Himalayas at an elevation of 7,100 feet.

Though its original history is largely unknown, the area was ruled by the Sikkim people until the arrival of the British in the 19th Century. The town of today was founded by the British in 1828 as a sanatorium for British soldiers.

Today, Darjeeling is known for its signature and world-renowned trademark tea, its tea industry in general, coming with tea fields and tea picking, its elevation and mountainous terrain, natural views of the Himalayas, for clouds that enter the town, markets, tourism, historic trains, and beauty.

People Born in Darjeeling

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Darjeeling in People's Lives

Lawrence Durrell: I was sent here in approximately 1921, around the age of 9, to attend school. When I was 11, in 1923, I was sent to London to recieve a British education.

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