Coretta Scott King
Coretta Scott King was an American humanitarian, activist, musician, and civil rights leader. She was the wife of Martin Luther King Jr., and helped him lead the African American Civil Rights Movement. After his assassination, she carried on his work, also greatly aiding and speaking out for LGBT rights. She is often remembered as the "First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement."

Full Name Coretta Scott King
Who humanitarian
Birth Date April 27, 1927
Death Date January 30, 2006
Country United States
Born Marion, Alabama, USA
Died Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Cause of Death respiratory failure due to ovarian cancer

Antioch College

New England Conservatory of Music

Father Obadiah Scott
Mother Bernice McMurry Scott
Spouse Martin Luther King Jr.

Edythe Scott Bagley

Obadiah Leonard Scott


Yolanda Denise King

Martin Luther King III

Dexter Scott King

Bernice Albertine King

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