Cordoba is the second-largest city in Argentina, centrally located in the country beside the Sierras Chicas and the Suquia River. It is named after Cordoba, Spain.

It was founded in 1573 by Spanish conquistador Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera.

Today, Cordoba is known for its architecture, cathedral, intellectuality, for its university - the second oldest in Latin America, history, education, and industrial economy.

People Born in Cordoba

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Cordoba in People's Lives

Lawrence Durrell: I was appointed Director of the British Council Institute in this city in 1947, and moved here from Rhodes with my wife Eva, to whom I was newly married. I lived and worked here for eighteen months, giving lectures on cultural issues. I disliked this city, and Argentina in general. We moved to London in the summer of 1948.

Viggo Mortensen: I lived here with my family as a child, around 1965.

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