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Castle Street in Clitheroe
Clitheroe is a town in Lancashire of northwestern England, notable as the site of Clitheroe Castle, a small Norman keep, and Stonyhurst College.

It was established in Ango-Saxon times.

People Born in Clitheroe

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Clitheroe in People's Lives

Arthur Conan Doyle: I went to school and university here from 1870 - 1875. The college campus was an inspiration for Baskerville Hall in my book The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Gerard Manley Hopkins: I moved here in 1870, at the age of 26, to continue my training as Jesuit priest. My training took place at Stonyhurst College, and I lived in St. Mary's Hall on the campus. I was at the college at the same time as Arthur Conan Doyle, though we did not know each other. I had always believed that my poetry was ungodly, and a distraction from my religion. I had thus shunned it from my life, and burned all of my old works - though I secretly had been keeping a poetry journal since 1868. I continued to work on poems in the journal until 1875. In 1872, while reading and studying Duns Scotus, I came to believe that my view of poetry as a vice was not necessarily correct. I left here in 1874, returning to London to teach classics studies.

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