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St. Mary's Parish Church
Chirk is a small town in the county of Wrexham in northeastern Wales. It is across the River Ceiriog from the English border.

The town originated in the 13th Century after a castle was built there.

Today, Chirk is best known as the location of Chirk Castle, a National Heritage site completely intact that opened to the public in 2005. Both the castle and its grounds, particularly its well kept, beautiful gardens, are a tourist draw. The town is also known for its historic aqueduct and viaduct.

People Born in Chirk

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Chirk in People's Lives

John Scott-Ellis: I grew up here and spent much of my childhood here, living in the enormous 13th-Century Chirk Castle. I lived here from approximately 1914 - 1925.

Rudyard Kipling: I visited here often in the 1920's, and particularly took a liking to the ten-year-old John Scott-Ellis, the son of the baron.

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